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Fire Inspection Services

"Stay secure with Swift Fire Protection's comprehensive extinguisher services.

At Swift Fire Protection, we take the responsibility of safeguarding lives seriously. Our meticulous inspection and servicing of fire extinguishers include a thorough examination of visual and physical elements. Our expert technicians verify and tag fire extinguisher units, ensuring the last service details, including verification collars, 6-year stickers, and hydrostatic testing stickers (required every 12 years), are up to date.

Compliance with fire extinguisher inspection requirements is crucial for the safety of people and property. United Fire ensures not only peace of mind but also adherence to NFPA, AHJ, and insurance company standards.

Monthly inspections, mandated by the NFPA, are seamlessly conducted by our technicians, who perform a visual inspection, ensuring it is in working order and properly documented for your records. Annual inspections, required by the NFPA or your AHJ, are diligently carried out by our licensed inspectors with meticulous documentation.

As a distributor of premium fire extinguishers and cabinets, Swift Fire Protection exclusively offers Advantage and Buckeye products known for their reliability and quality manufacturing practices. Backed by a six-year warranty, these extinguishers, featuring a steel head and refillable design, serve as a crucial lifeline in the event of a fire. Trust Swift Fire Protection for unparalleled fire safety – because your safety is our commitment.
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